Total amount fundraised:


$ 1,827.21

Our Contributions and Certificates!


Below are all the certificates  from local charities with whom we've worked with in our events! So excited to expand this list in our never ending mission to make our community a better and safer place!



A total of $1827.21 donated to help people suffering from COVID-19!



Pin Sales

Stage 1 Donation

$2000 donated to MSF help people suffering from COVID-19 over 70 countries worldwide!

Supportive Teens stage 1 donation.jpg


Pin Sales

Supporting Teens_Tina Xu.jpg

Stage 2 Donation

$1200 donated to MSF to keep supporting those who need it the most during COVID-19!


 Winter Drive

Non-perishable food donations collected for to the FoodBank of Waterloo Region

Clothes donations.JPG

40 Bags of winter clothes and accessories donated to MCC Thrift on Kent to help those through the harsh Winter!

MCC donation Winter Drive.jpg

More to come!!!


We are eager to make greater impacts in our community!