Total amount fundraised:


$ 1,827.21


Charithon-19 is a fundraising event in partnership with artists of the Waterloo Region. Participating artists will be selling their artworks and donating a percentage of their revenue to this event. All proceeds will be donated to the FoodBank of Waterloo Region and the Canadian Red cross who are currently providing COVID relief to people struggling

How to Help

Are you an artist with a sizeable platform (e.g. social media, Etsy)?
Do you want to purchase some artwork?

We are recruiting artists now! If you are willing to contribute to this cause with your talent and skills, email us to sign up!

Alteratively, if you know of any other artists or organizations that may be willing to participate, please connect us with them!

Check out all the artworks donated by our amazing artists:


The Charithon-19 event is in partnership with United Under Arts Waterloo's Arts Commission event. UUA Waterloo will be donating a small percentage of profit from their event to Supportive Teens, and in return, Supportive Teens will be donating a small percentage of Charithon-19 profit to UUA Waterloo.

Aside from the funds donated to UUA Waterloo, we have a Supportive Teens's CUSTOMIZED FUNDRAISING PAGE on The Food Bank of Waterloo Region and the Canadian Red Cross OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Click the buttons below to access!


 Charithon-19 Certificates

A total of $1827.21 donated to help people suffering from COVID-19!